Its more than a pretty website or a few blog entries, we get that.

Its about how to grow revenues in your business. Other companies sell 

you on a cool website or a re-banding of your image. Although that may

be needed what they miss is where megaWhisper comes in. The 

strategies to grow your business. These are unique tactics to your

industry and business that have are put in place to grow revenues.

We don't know why others avoid the opportunity to grow your business. 

All we can tell you is megaWhisper is willing to be tied to your success like

no other company will. Our team will investigate your business processes, complete

a comprehensive keyword, competitive, and customer centered research analysis that is as 

unique as your business. We'll review this megaWhisper growth plan together and you'll

decide if you want to start on the path to growing your business.  If you do decide to proceed our compensation can be linked directly to our success in growing your business. Crazy maybe, but what other marketing company would put their money where their mouth is like that? Yeah, we know, there's not another company willing to do this. 

THE megaWhisper growth strategy

  • ​​​​Complete over 30 hours of comprehensive research for your business ($3,000 value)
  • Present the tactics that will be put in place to grow your business revenues.
  • Implement the megaWhisper growth strategy.
  • Cost is based upon success.

If at anytime you're not 100% satisfied with our services just let us know. If you allowed us at least 6 months to put you on the path to growing business you'll pay nothing further. If for any reason you wish to not proceed or wish to stop your growing business strategy simply pay us $1,500 for the initial research that you get to keep (and use as you wish!) and we'll quietly go away.

megaWhisper  growing business services

Maybe you just need a little bump. A little direction. That's totally cool. Sometimes you need to walk before you run. All services include a preliminary industry & competitive analysis because it's really absurd to us to launch a growing business strategy

without it. We'll ask you real hard questions like who's your perfect customer, where do you compete well and make the most $s, who

are your strongest competitors, and how you want to grow your business.

Most of the services we highlight below are needed to grow your business the megaWhisper  way. When talking with a digital

marketing consultant how often have you heard, "You need a new web site?" or "You need new branding before we can go forward" - that seems to be the norm unfortunately. ​We get not everyone needs a new site or branding or has a big corporate budget to grow business so we've grown really good at working with your existing investments, and making them better.

BLOGGING ~  Packages starting from $300/mo (includes professional images)

You've probably experienced either for your company or looking at another's blog that blogging can be a big fail, even a negative. Proper blogging must incorporate a number of facets to be successful for your business. We create professional blog articles incorporating all the facets necessary for success that help your business get found by your targeted audience and converting them to new customers. With powerful SEO practices this content will make an impact today, and for years to come helping you get found by your target customers. 

SOCIAL MEDIA ~ Managing 2 social media platforms as low as $250/mo 

Includes setting each channel up with your business branding, theme, and pointing back to your website. Activity is dependent upon the platform and your Biz goals. This usually includes a mix of 1/3 industry popular topics, 1/3 engagement, and a 1/3 of your own content/links to your website and/or products. Each platform managed will experience double digit follower growth (minimum) if not a many x's multiple of growth over the course of the coming months. Platforms supported include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) ~ Research, Implementation, and Ongoing Strategy

The result will be an execution of SEO for your business online to start being found before your competitors by your best customers. A comprehensive competitive guide will tell you where your best competitors are vs your business. A 2 hour interview with you will begin an intense research initiative that will result in a compelling SEO strategy and focus your business to start growing Biz better than ever before. These SEO tactics implemented on your website will launch the foundation of being the best your business can be to grow.

WEBSITE DESIGN~ Pretty is Not Our Thing Unless it Grows Business - That's Our Goal

BUZZ BUILDERS~ Around Your Brand, Event, or Sale and Create a Buzz 

PPC/SEM - PAID SEARCH ~ Set Up and Running Google Adwords to Grow Business

eMAIL MARKETING ~ Grow Your Network & Keep In Touch with Your Audience, Build Trust​​

You'll never have a long term contract or agreement here. If we're doing what we said we do, helping you grow your Biz, we know you'll keep us as a partner. If for any reason you don't want us around anymore no hard feelings, we know life changes. Just let us know and we'll wind down the final month for you and give an overview to whomever will be taking on these responsibilities for you. 


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